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...and we are live.

Welcome to the Blahg. Time and inspiration permitting, and if my website builder ever improves their shitty blog tool, I'll be posting stuff.

The nature of that stuff will be anyone's guess, but I do know there will occasionally be ruminations on the albums, songs, and artists that made my wacky tastes what they are, or at least ones that I think you should know about. Many of them have never been extensively written about anywhere, so I figure I may as well do it myself; at least here, I can do it without fear of smothering my real-world friends with a thick layer of dull geekitude. So check back once in a while to see me gush over some diverse finds from the musical fossil record; no matter who you are, you'll find a lot you'll love, a lot you'll hate, a lot you've never heard of, and a lotta stuff that'll just baffle you.

Hit up my personal Facebook page for more musings, and my Twitter for a (very) few more.

- J.


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