"I Got To Have It"

- Edo.G & The Outfit

Boston's legendary Edo.G rockin' his classic

"I Got To Have It", backed by my band The Outfit.


"You Owe Me" - Nas/

"Single Life" - Cameo

The Outfit, doing what we do: Cameo's "Single Life" underneath Nas' "You Owe Me" acapella.


"Ready Or Not" - The Fugees/"Bonita Applebum" - A Tribe Called Quest

The Outfit playing A.T.C.Q.'s  "Bonita Applebum" under The Fugees' "Ready Or Not" acapella.



"On Fire" - Edo.G & The Outfit

The Outfit backing Edo.G, opening for O.C. and Lord Finesse in New Haven, CT.

"America The Beautiful"

The legendary Clare Fischer's jazzed-out arrangement of "America The Beautiful".

"Superstition" - Stevie Wonder

"Outstanding" - Gap Band

"Word Up" - Cameo

 At the Berklee Performance Center, the closing number at a blowout concert for 5-week students.

"Heart Of The Matter" - Don Henley

Playing Don Henley's "Heart Of The Matter" (india.arie-style) for the lovely Franchesca "Fancy Baby" Parks.

"Hang Up Your Hangups"

- Herbie Hancock

With guitarist Steven Ohm, Berklee.

"Where Were You When I Needed You

 (Last Winter)"  -  Stevie Wonder

My most popular YouTube video, by far.

"Lullabye For My Mom"

- Marina Vinogradova

Another beautiful Marina original, with Emily Gelineau on violin, and myself on Rhodes.

James Unpacks His Vinyl Record Collection.

Glimpses into my humble vinyl collection. Lots of funk, hip-hop, rock, jazz, and weirdness.

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - Valerie Simpson

A performance of Valerie Simpson's gospel-fied solo piano arrangement, at Berklee.

"Dreamin' In The Imaginary"

                - Alli Beaudry

An Alli Beaudry original at the Berklee Performance Center, 6/23/2014.

"Spain"  -  Chick Corea

At the Middle East in Boston, with other faculty members at the School Of Groove, where I used to teach.

"War Pigs"/"Paranoid" 

      -  Black Sabbath

Halloween night, 2014, with Booty Vortex's joke classic-rock alter-egos "PowerHorse". (Note: foul language and disgraceful pitchiness)


"Betterizer" - Marina Vinogradova

A video of the recording of my good friend Marina's original; I'm in the first shot, recording the piano.

"Jack'n For Keys"  -  TheePhantom & The IllHarmonic Orchestra

Running Jeff's mashup of piano-based hip-hop classics, in preparation for our Carnegie Hall show.

"Run To You"  -  Whitney Houston

With the wondrous Yasmin Kalach.  (Don't miss 5:03.)

"Flurries" - Soulive

The last part of an organ (patch) solo, at a show with Street Chalk at the Common Ground in Allston, MA.

"Rock 'N' Rose"  -  Shea Rose

With Shea Rose, opening for RES at the Middle East in Boston.

A quick li'l Rhodes solo

Some show.  Some time ago.