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A mashup with the acapella to

Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes" over

Anita Baker's "Caught Up In The Rapture" - 

other than the vocal, everything you hear is me.

All Wrapped Up, a Christmas EP from Emily Luther ("The Voice", "Ellen", etc.) - I'm on tracks 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Marina "Ginger" Vinogradova's EP, Keep Yourself For Another Day, on which she was kind enough to have me play piano/keys.

The live album I recorded with bluesy rocker chick Jamie-Lynn Hart, Live At Tupelo Music Hall, which you can purchase here.

Emily Luther ("The Voice", "Ellen", etc.) belting out "At Last" with me backing her up;
click on the button for a BandCamp link to purchase the download.

From the album I did with Jessica Ryan, Sound Capsule, which you can acquire here (itunes) or here (Amazon).  Chaka, Aretha, Etta, Whitney covers (among others), and Jess does them much justice.

Philadelphia-based MC/producer/conductor Jeffrey "TheePhantom" McNeil's album Maniac Maestro, bending hip-hop with classical and other elements.

I'm playing 50's-style piano on "Shorty Doo Wop".

My favorite track from Sound Capsule;  me and Jess on a beautiful standard.

Jennifer Ayala and I (and some other fine folks) giving Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" the Roberta Flack treatment.

A few of the studio recordings my old neo-soul band Luv Jones made in 2002. Lyrics and melody by the one-n'-only Shea Rose; most of the music by me.

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