Marina "Ginger" Vinogradova's EP, Keep Yourself For Another Day, on which she was kind enough to have me play piano/keys.

From the live album I recorded with bluesy rocker chick Jamie-Lynn Hart, Live At Tupelo Music Hall, which you can preview and purchase here.

From the album I did with Jessica Ryan, Sound Capsule, which you can acquire here (itunes) or here (cdbaby).  Chaka, Aretha, Etta, Whitney covers (among others), and Jess does them much justice.

My favorite track from Sound Capsule;  me and Jess on a beautiful standard.

Jennifer Ayala and I (and some other fine folks) giving Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" the Roberta Flack treatment.

A few of the studio recordings my old neo-soul band Luv Jones made in 2002. Lyrics and melody by the one-n'-only Shea Rose; most of the music by me.